Getting started with Layer 7

At the core of all our services is TheSentinelBot, which makes all the magic happen. Rather than have multiple bots, we have all our services under one bot. And these services can all be turned off or on through our website.

Step 1: Add The Sentinel to your team

Due to Reddit's API rate limits, we have multiple instances (bot accounts) of TheSentinelBot. Follow these instructions to figure out which bot to add:

  • Check the number of subscribers your subreddit has
  • If the sum of a bot's Current Subscribers and your subscribers is less than Max Subscribers, then you can add that bot
  • At a minimum the bot needs the posts permission.
Bot Current Subscribers Max Subscribers Availability
/u/TheSentinel_0 27,868,201 20,000,000 At Capacity
/u/TheSentinel_1 26,100,459 20,000,000 At Capacity
/u/TheSentinel_2 20,502,938 20,000,000 At Capacity
/u/TheSentinel_3 Reserved 20,000,000 At Capacity
/u/TheSentinel_4 20,717,432 20,000,000 At Capacity
/u/TheSentinel_6 16,719,579 20,000,000 Available
/u/TheSentinel_7 23,457,555 20,000,000 At Capacity
/u/TheSentinel_8 22,513,450 20,000,000 At Capacity
/u/TheSentinel_09 8,214,611 20,000,000 Available
/u/TheSentinel_10 5,251,371 20,000,000 Available
/u/TheSentinel_11 4,609,085 20,000,000 Available
/u/thesentinel_12 4,519,414 20,000,000 Available
/u/TheSentinel_13 14,289,445 20,000,000 Available
/u/TheSentinel_14 22,407,079 20,000,000 At Capacity
/u/TheSentinel_15 2,442,159 20,000,000 Available
/u/TheSentinel_16 4,836,828 20,000,000 Available
/u/TheSentinel_17 23,591,656 20,000,000 At Capacity
/u/TheSentinel_18 227,121 20,000,000 Available
/u/TheSentinel_19 5,744,520 20,000,000 Available
/u/TheSentinel_20 5,246,582 20,000,000 Available
/u/TheSentinel_30 1,221,336 20,000,000 Available
/u/YT_Killer 62,155,845 20,000,000 At Capacity
/u/TheSentinelBot 34,979,930 20,000,000 At Capacity

Step 2: Login!

Once you've logged in, you can go to to enable or disable features of TheSentinelBot.

Here's a quick overview of the features currently available:

Media Blacklisting

One of the most powerful capabilities we have is media blacklisting. This allows a subreddit to blacklist an entire media channel (Youtube channels, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.), and know that regardless of which users make a link post, self post, or comment including a link to that media channel, it will be removed. In addition to a local subreddit blacklist that you manage, we also have a global blacklist controlled by the moderators of /r/Layer7 and /r/TheSentinelBot to ensure that global spam is met with swift action.

Advanced Mod logs

Overcome the limitations of the modlog and search in any way imaginable: such as inputting a thing id and seeing all actions related to that post or comment, searching by author, mod, title, etc. If you set an action_reason in AutoModerator, you can even filter by that enabling you to see how useful your AutoMod rules are. You can even build a mod matrix in less than a second allowing you to know who's the powermod in your group, or what the most common actions are.

Have any questions?

Try checking out our FAQ. If our FAQ page doesn't answer your questions, please feel free to make a post on /r/Layer7 with your question(s).