Are you a Reddit moderator? We're making your life (and our lives) easier. Period.

Our Solutions

A Robot Army

From The_Vanguard to YT_Killer, Layer 7 has best of breed Reddit bots for managing your community.

Advanced Analytics

Moderation Log falls short, but Layer 7 has the tools to harness your mod data.

Mobile Mod Tools

No more having to put up with Reddit apps lacking a full range of mod tools.

ModSoup unleashes your full potential on the go, giving you full access to stock tools and Mod Toolbox


Take control of your mod logs

Overcome the limitations of /about/log and search your moderation logs in any way imaginable: such as inputing a thing id and seeing all actions related to that post or comment.

Blacklist media spam

Fight off spam by adding media channels to a blacklist. If you add a YouTube channel to your sub's TSB blacklist, any post or comment contain a video or link to that channel will be automatically removed regardless of the Reddit poster.

Generate mod matrices instantaneously

Build mod matrixes for your subreddits in an instant - a matrix for the past 2 years of /r/DestinyTheGame takes just 1.5 seconds.

For Redditors, By Redditors

Layer 7 was founded with one goal in mind: making moderating easier.

With every team member being a moderator,
that goal is very near and dear to us.


Co-founder, bot writer, and creator of SkyNet.


Co-founder, community manager, and Banhammer.

Bot Developer

Certified Micro$oft shill, and slayer of spam. Now accepting bribes for bots.

Bot Developer

Likes bots, hates spam. Occasionally combines the two. Hasn't made it to the fourth degree yet.

Web Developer

Full-Stack Web Developer and I should probably put something here.

Bot Developer

Jack of all trades, master of a few depending on how rigidly you define 'master'.

Android Developer

Android developer, Linux neckbeard, and Material Design enthusiast.

Certified Shill

Paid shill, mostly cyborg, and wielder of the Spamhammer.

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