TheSentinelBot (TSB) is permanently shutting down. Unfortunately we are no longer able to maintain the TSB project mainly due to Google restricting our API usage and also due to a lack of developer and system resources. We've submitted requests to Google for raising the rate limit on our API key, however those have been denied. As such, we will soon be shutting down all our TSB bots indefinitely. If you'd like to export any of your data, please reach out to us in our Discord. Thank you for using TSB up until now.

Layer 7 Solutions

Layer 7 is a small, unpaid open source group of Reddit moderators with a big vision: making moderating easier. We create moderation tools, for moderators, by moderators. We have many different projects going on, all with the single purpose of accomplishing the goal of making moderating easy.

The current moderation Reddit provides are limited and it's unlikely they're going to improve any time soon. Layer 7 offers capabilities such as: moderation log searching, instant mod matrix build times, YouTube channel blacklisting, mobile moderation apps, and there's more on the way!

Serving over 175 million subscribers.

On 500+ subreddits, like...

videos LifeProTips space sports tifu Jokes Documentaries personalfinance oddlysatisfying Unexpected cringe AnimalsBeingJerks DestinyTheGame westworld facepalm

and more!

Meet the Team

We're a passionate group of moderators passionate about passionately creating mod tools for you to passionately moderate your sub, passionately!


Co-founder, bot writer, and creator of SkyNet.


Co-founder, community manager, and Banhammer.

Bot Developer

Certified Micro$oft shill, and slayer of spam. Now accepting bribes for bots.

Bot Developer

Likes bots, hates spam. Occasionally combines the two. Hasn't made it to the fourth degree yet.

Web Developer

Full-Stack Web Developer and I should probably put something here.

Bot Developer

Jack of all trades, master of a few depending on how rigidly you define 'master'.

Android Developer

Android developer, Linux neckbeard, and Material Design enthusiast.

Certified Shill

Paid shill, mostly cyborg, and wielder of the Spamhammer.