TheSentinelBot (TSB) is permanently shutting down. Unfortunately we are no longer able to maintain the TSB project mainly due to Google restricting our API usage and also due to a lack of developer and system resources. We've submitted requests to Google for raising the rate limit on our API key, however those have been denied. As such, we will soon be shutting down all our TSB bots indefinitely. If you'd like to export any of your data, please reach out to us in our Discord. Thank you for using TSB up until now.

Layer 7 Solutions

Layer 7 is a small, unpaid open source group of moderators with a big vision: making moderating easier. We create moderation tools, for moderators, by moderators. We have many different projects going on, all with the single purpose of accomplishing the goal of making moderating easy.

Serving communities of all sizes.


GTFO DestinyReddit

and more!

Meet the Team

We're a passionate group of moderators passionate about passionately creating mod tools for you to passionately moderate your community, passionately!


Founder, Software Developer, creator of Benedict 99-40.

Web Developer

Full-Stack Web Developer and I should probably put something here.