TheSentinelBot (TSB) is permanently shutting down. Unfortunately we are no longer able to maintain the TSB project mainly due to Google restricting our API usage and also due to a lack of developer and system resources. We've submitted requests to Google for raising the rate limit on our API key, however those have been denied. As such, we will soon be shutting down all our TSB bots indefinitely. If you'd like to export any of your data, please reach out to us in our Discord. Thank you for using TSB up until now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Note: this FAQ is a work in progress.

Are your services free?

Yup, all our services have always been free and always will be.

But we'd love any donations, all of which will go to keeping TheSentinelBot and this website alive (server cost are expensive!).
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What information do you collect from my Reddit account and the subreddits I mod?

Your Reddit Account

The only information we collect from your Reddit account is: your username, the subs you mod, and what permissions you have on those subreddits.

The Subreddits you mod

As for information we collect on your subreddits: we store basic information about them such as: the date it was created, the sidebar text, description, subreddit name, number of subscribers.

We also store extra information depending on what features you have enabled. So if your subreddit has mod logging enabled then we also store all your mod logs. If you have modmail logging enabled, we store your modmail.


We only use this information to provide, improve, and protect our services. We do not hand out or sell any of this information to anyone.

See our full privacy policy for more information

Can all moderators in my team change the Layer7 subreddit settings?

Only moderators with full permissions can change the settings to enable/disable Layer7 features such as mod logging.

How does global blacklisting work? Who manages the global blacklist?

We only add channels to the global blacklist when the channel is being spammed by user(s) who are in major violation of the 9:1 policy (more than 10%, dedicated to self promo) which we usually look at around 50% or more. In addition, it has to be spam that is happening in multiple subreddits, and not just one that could add to their local blacklist. We look for patterns to see if a channel is connected to multiple reddit accounts that aren't just casually sharing it, but making an effort to have a personal gain in that channel. In addition there are other factors that could weigh in such as very little subscribers, channel names that sound like spam, videos that are low quality and clickbait, stolen/rehosted content, as well as monetized all play a factor. If in doubt we err on the side of caution

The global blacklist is managed by the moderators of /r/Layer7 and /r/TheSentinelBot